How do I join?
Anyone is welcome to join but if you have never done Kendo before or have not yet seen it in person, we ask you come watch a practice before you commit to joining. After if you want to start you’ll need a shinai tsuba, tsubadome, and bag found here for men and here for women. You can also purchase a shinai from other recommended Kendo suppliers listed below.

Miyako Kendogu

E Bogu

E Mudo


Budo aoi

How much does it cost?

Club dues are..

$20/month=1 practice/week

$50/month=2 practices/week

Dues are due the 1st practice of every month.

You must get permission from the instructor to join the advanced practice but until then you are encouraged to come watch.

What else do I need to start?

Nothing else. As your Kendo basics improve, you will be asked to wear a uniform and even later bogu (armor).

Where do my membership dues go to?

This is a non-profit club. All dues go toward paying for rental of the facility.